A Life of Stories

“People like Lennart Nilsson, we must assume, or Linnaeus for that matter, are driven by a veritably childlike delight in discovery. They are not satisfied with turning over a few stones to find out what’s hidden underneath. They want to dig up the whole field. There is something indefatigable about them.” (Mark Holborn, author and editor)

For six decades, Lennart Nilsson has produced more than a thousand acclaimed photographic essays for numerous periodicals in Sweden and most renowned international illustrated magazines, including Life, Paris Match and National Geographic. His unique narratives have also spread throughout the world in books and films.

Lennart Nilsson’s pictures can be found on bank notes and postage stamps, in textbooks and encyclopaedia. His scientific visual presentations have changed our understanding of the human being. Some of his photos are onboard the NASA space probes Voyager I and Voyager II, as a greeting to the infinite universe from Planet Earth.

“I’m a photo journalist. Regardless of whether I work on a book, a film or a magazine, I always want to tell a story.”

Lennart Nilsson’s entire oeuvre – whether it be a documentation of the Salvation Army or the Swedish royal family, a description of the human heart from within, or Louis Armstrong behind the scenes – proves his ability and desire to constantly break new ground, and to portray what no one has succeeded in revealing before.