Jag vill göra det osynliga synligt

Bonnier Fakta, Stockholm 2010. Editor Mark Holborn. Preface by Björn Axel Johansson.

Jag vill göra det osynliga is a remarkable photographic documentation of Lennart Nilsson’s oeuvre outside the human body. This book includes his photos of life under the sea surface, fossil flowers, plant pollination, the life of ants, and animal embryos and foetuses. Together, these images, taken in the 1950s and onwards, tell a story about life itself, its development, complexity and beauty.

Lennart Nilsson writes about his photographs and the work that lies behind them. Most of the pictures are from his early books, including Myror (Ants, 1959), Liv i hav (Life in the Sea, 1959) and Nära naturen (Close to Nature, 1984). Pictures from magazine features and TV films are also included.

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