The Brain

Life Magazine 1 och 22 oktober 1971

”Nilsson spent eight months working on the brain series and was forced to use almost every bit of technique in his sizable and sophisticated repertoire: special lenses, light microscopes and long fibrous light guides, only a half-millimeter in diameter, to illuminate inaccessible areas.” (Ralph Graves, Managing Editor, Life Magazine)

Life Magazine 1 oktober 1971

Life Magazine den 22 oktober 1971

Stavar och tappar, 1971 ©Lennart Nilsson/SPL

Stavar och tappar, 1971 ©Lennart Nilsson/SPL

Hjärnan 1971

"Livets träd", lillhjärnan, 1971 ©Lennart Nilsson/TT

”Livets träd”, lillhjärnan, 1971 ©Lennart Nilsson/TT