A Child is Born – 5th edition

Bonnier Fakta, Stockholm 2009. Preface by Mark Holborn. Text by Lars Hamberger.

This fifth Swedish edition of Ett barn blir till (A Child is Born) is a universal illustrated story of the beginnings of life. It is intended not only for expecting parents but for anyone who wants to discover the miracle that Lennart Nilsson has captured with his camera. His pictures of the development of the child from conception to birth, compiled from all the previous editions, never cease to fascinate. Together with Professor Lars Hamberger’s words, they tell the story of life.

When A Child is Born was first published in Sweden in 1965, it immediately became one of the most seminal books in modern time. This was the first time ever photographic glimpse of life before birth. The unique photos, showing every stage in the creation of a human being, aroused a sense of wonder and gave us new knowledge. Since then, the book has been printed in several new editions in more than twenty languages, and read by millions of people.

Published in Sweden, France, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Italy, Holland, Germany and Japan.

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