Lennart Nilsson has published some 20 books, of which his best-known, A Child is Born, has sold millions of copies in more than 20 languages. Other popular works are Behold Man (1973), Close to Nature (1984), and The Body Victorious (1985).

With his books, Lennart Nilsson has spread knowledge and inspired people all over the world. Here you can read about his books, buy the ones that are currently in print, and view his previous publications.

“Lennart is not just an amazing photographer, he is also a true scientist. Those qualities, along with his curiosity, have made Lennart the pioneer and innovator that he is, and one of the most important photographers of our time.” (Barbara Baker Burrows, former editor of Life magazine)

  • Ett barn blir till, 2018

    A Child is Born – 6th edition

    Ett barn blir till, Bonnier Fakta, Stockholm 2018. Text by Lars Hamberger och Gudrun Abascal. Co photographer Linda Forsell. Published in Sweden, Germany, France and Holland, USA (5th edition) and soon in China Foreign rights

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  • Ett barn blir till - femte utgåvan

    A Child is Born – 5th edition

    Bonnier Fakta, Stockholm 2009. Preface by Mark Holborn. Text by Lars Hamberger. This fifth Swedish edition of Ett barn blir till (A Child is Born) is a universal illustrated story of the beginnings of life. It is intended not only for expecting parents but for anyone who wants to discover the miracle that Lennart Nilsson […]

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  • Stockholm

    Lennart Nilsson Stockholm

    Max Ström, Stockholm 2008 (2th edition 2017). Text by Johan Erséus, photo editor Anne Fjellström.

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  • Lennart Nilsson hans livs bilder

    Lennart Nilsson – Images of His Life (Lennart Nilsson – hans livs bilder)

    Max Ström/Albert Bonniers förlag, Stockholm 2002 (2th edition 2017). Editor Jacob Forsell, texts by Petter Karlsson and Hasse Persson.  

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Previous publications

  • Ett barn blir till – dagboken

    Bonnier Fakta, Stockholm 2011.

  • Jag vill göra det osynliga synligt

    Bonnier Fakta, Stockholm 2010. Editor Mark Holborn. Preface by Björn Axel Johansson. Jag vill göra det osynliga is a remarkable photographic documentation of Lennart Nilsson’s oeuvre outside the human body. This book includes his photos of life under the sea surface, fossil flowers, plant pollination, the life of ants, and animal embryos and foetuses. Together, these […]

  • Life

    Jonathan Cape, London 2006. Editor Mark Holborn. Text by Hans Wigzell and Mark Holborn. Published in England, Sweden, USA, Germany, France, Holland and Italy.

  • A Child is Born- 4th edition (Ett barn blir till)

    Albert Bonniers förlag, Stockholm 2003. Text by Lars Hamberger. Published in Sweden, Czech republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, England, USA, Greece, Irland, Hungary, Estonia, Lithuania, Spain, South Korea, Slovenia, China and Russia.

  • How was I born? (Vi ska få ett syskon)

    Bonnier Alba förlag, Stockholm 1993. Text by Katarina Swanberg. Published in Sweden, France, Germany, Holland, Norway, Finland, Spain and USA.

  • A Child is Born – 3th edition (Ett barn blir till)

    Albert Bonniers förlag/Bonnier Fakta förlag, Stockholm 1990. Text by Lars Hamberger. Published in Sweden, Australia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, England, USA, Japan, Taiwan, South Africa, Poland and former Czechoslovakia.

  • Being Born

    Dorling Kindersley, London/Streiffert & Co, Stockholm 1986. Text by Sheila Kitzinger. Published in Sweden, Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Norway, Portugal, Spain, USA, Brazil, Germany, Israel, Italy, Holland and former Jugoslavia.

  • Body Victorious (Kroppens försvar)

    Bonnier Fakta förlag, Stockholm 1985. Text by Kjell Lindqvist och Stig Nordfeldt. Published in Swden, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, USA, Denmark and Japan.

  • Close to the Nature (Nära naturen)

    Bonnier Fakta bokförlag, Stockholm 1984. Text by Nils Nykvist and Hans Krook. Published in Sweden, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, USA, Denmark and Japan.

  • Vårt inre i närbild

    Albert Bonniers förlag, Stockholm 1982. In collaboration with Jan Lindberg. Text by David H Ingvar, Stig Nordfeldt och Rune Pettersson. Published in

  • A Child is Born – 2th edition (Ett barn blir till)

    Albert Bonniers förlag, Stockholm 1976. Text by Clas Wirsén, Axel Ingelman-Sundberg och Mirjam Furuhjelm. Published in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Spain, England, Italy, Netherlands, South Africa, Japan and Israel.

  • How you began, a story in pictures (Så blev du till)

    Albert Bonniers förlag, Stockholm 1975. Text by Jan Cornell och Rune Pettersson. Published in Sweden, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, USA and Portugal.

  • Behold Man (Se människan)

    Albert Bonniers förlag, Stockholm 1973. In collaboration with Jan Lindberg and text by David H Ingvar, Stig Nordfeldt och Rune Pettersson. Published in Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Brazil, Canada, England, Finland, Germany, USA, Japan, Spain, France and Italy.

  • Sex in Society in Sweden (Sex och samhälle)

    Pantheon, London 1967. Text by Birgitta Linner.

  • Klart för operation

    Svenska bokförlaget/Norstedt, Stockholm 1966. Text by Ingemar Joelsson, Margareta Brissman och Gertrud Larsson.

  • A Child is Born – 1th edition (Ett barn blir till)

    Albert Bonniers förlag, Stockholm 1965. Text by Clas Wirsén and Axel Ingleman-Sundberg. Published in Sweden, USA, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, England, South Africa, Portugal, former Yugoslavia and Norway.

  • Halleluja, a book about the Salvation Army

    Albert Bonniers förlag, Stockholm 1963. Text by Thorsten Kjäll

  • Munksjö

    Stockholm, 1962

  • Strömkarl

    Vattenfall, Stockholm 1959

  • Myror

    Forum, Stockholm, 1959. Text by Carl H Lindroth

  • Life in the Sea (Liv i hav)

    Tiden, Stockholm 1959 (Foulis). Text by Gösta Jägersten, preface by Harry Martinson.

  • Efter hundra år

    Kungliga Järnvägsstyrelsen/Nordisk Rotogravyr, 1956

  • Reportage

    Albert Bonniers förlag, Stockholm, 1955. Editor Olof Thaning

  • Sweden in Profiles

    Svenska Institutet/Medéns, Stockholm, 1954. Text by G. Näsström

  • Malm

    Grängesbergskoncernen i bild, 1953