2000 – David Malin

“For developing the Malinization enhancement procedure – a significant advance in photographic astronomy.

British-born David Malin (b. 1941), arguably the foremost astronomical photographer in the world, has been distinguished with the Lennart Nilsson Award for developing innovative image-enhancement techniques, known as Malinization. These techniques enabled Malin to enhance very faint features on photographic plates affording huge gains in speed to the photographic materials used on the telescope. They also led to documentation of hitherto unobservable faraway celestial objects and to the discovery of an enigmatic galaxy now known as Malin 1.

He is also recognized for the beauty and originality of his photographs, which unveil the universe in striking color and with unprecedented clarity. Originally trained as a chemist, Malin specialized in optical and electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction and other techniques, which sparked his interest in imaging. A long-time resident of Sydney, Australia, Malin has worked since 1975 at the Anglo-Australian Observatory where he has dedicated himself to scientific imaging of the universe.

The author of the book, View of the Universe, Malin has published in his work in numerous scientific journals, and his images have graced the cover of Life magazine as well as a series of Australian postage stamps.