2002 – Oliver Meckes & Nicole Ottawa

“For using and extending the technology developed by Lennart Nilsson himself.”

As a widely acclaimed science photography team, photographer Oliver Meckes (b. 1963) and biologist Nicole Ottawa (b. 1965) have revealed a microscopic world that would otherwise remain invisible to the human eye. Through the use of advanced medical and biological imaging technology, such as a scanning electron microscope and a light microscope, they record their exploration of what they describe as the “fascinating forms and structures in a world beyond human vision.”

Meckes and Ottawa’s photographs hold not only great scientific value but also unmatched aesthetics that are rich in detail. Their self-avowed mission, which the Meckes and Ottawa are able to accomplish through their company Eye of Science, is “to combine scientific exactness with aesthetic appearances and thereby help to bridge the gap between the world of science and the world of art.”