2003 – David Barlow

“With ingenuity and technical innovation, he blends science and animation to clarify life’s various functions.”

Filmmaker and biosciences researcher David Barlow (b. 1952) has been recognized for outstanding scientific photography for his work on the seven-part documentary series, The Human Body, which first aired on British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) One in 1998 and was later adapted as an IMAX film in 2001. Barlow has demonstrated the extraordinary ability to combine real-life footage with scientific simulations and special effects on film.

An Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Southampton, Barlow has been involved in numerous productions for the BBC and British public-service broadcaster Channel 4. Several of these films, such as the BBC documentary series The Human Body, the IMAX production The Secret of Life on Earth, and the documentary In the Womb/Life before Birth, have been broadcast worldwide.