2005 – Frans Lanting

“Frans Lanting is given the prize for having zealously and over many years illustrated in pictures the wonders of nature. He takes his camera where few others venture, revealing what was previously invisible. He has a visible urge to craft his pictures in a unique way, and the results are intimate, grand, elegant and simultaneously both journalistic and scientific.”

Hailed as one of the greatest nature photographers of our time, Dutch-born Frans Lanting (b. 1951) has been honored for his penetrating technique and ability to depict the plurality of life, from the smallest insects to the largest mammals. He has long been one of the most published photographers in National Geographic magazine, and his images, which chronicle our living planet and its inhabitants, have graced magazines, books and exhibitions around the world for decades.

Through close cooperation with leading researchers, Lanting has been able to document gripping stories about our planet’s natural history, such as the shrinking of the rainforests and struggle for survival of threatened animal species.