2007 – Felice Frankel

“Those viewing Ms. Frankel’s images are initially captivated by their form and color. No sooner is their curiosity aroused than they want to know what the photograph depicts. She has thus fulfilled a scientific reporter’s paramount task: to awaken people’s interest and desire to learn.”

Research scientist and science photographer Felice Frankel (b. 1945) has been honored for her “exquisite works of art and crystal-clear scientific photographs — both fascinating and valuable to the general public and scientific community alike.”

To Frankel, visual imagery is as essential to scientific communication as the written word. Her images on subjects ranging from nanotechnology and magnetism to the surface tension of water droplets have been widely published in leading nature publications for general audiences as well as in specialized scientific journals. Her collaboration with colleague George M. Whitesides resulted in the groundbreaking book, On the Surface of Things: Images of the Extraordinary in Science, first published in 1997; here Frankel unsheaths the science and remarkable beauty of surface tension through striking images.

Frankel lectures regularly on topics such as scientific photography and new methods of using images to improve the teaching of science. Her photographs are also exhibited throughout the United States and in Europe.