2008 – Anders Persson

“Anders Persson’s imaging methods combine the use of cutting-edge technology with clear communication value, accomplished with an artistic sensibility. He reveals the hidden mysteries of the body with unique precision, producing images that can be comprehended and interpreted by the lay audience as well as the expert alike.”

Director of the Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV) at Linköping University in Sweden, Anders Persson (b. 1953), MD, PhD, has been distinguished for his work in developing 3D imaging technology that depict the inside the human body as never before. Persson and his colleagues have produced images of the inside of the human body using a combination of advanced imaging techniques, including magnetic resonance, ultrasound and positron emission tomography. After capturing these initial images, Persson has compiled them into images of great clarity using advanced data representation and visualization methods.

The CMIV’s techniques have opened up completely new avenues for forensic medical experts to conduct post-mortem analyses in a quicker and more straightforward manner than conventional methods. Persson’s astounding 3D images have been prominently featured on CSI, a popular American television series about a team of forensic scientists, which has won acclaim as the most-watched television show in the world.