2024 – Csaba Adori

Csaba Adori is awarded the 2024 Lennart Nilsson Award for his scientific 3D photography of tissues. In the spirit of Lennart Nilsson, he reveals not only the scientific aspects of the tissue structure or its pathology, but also the beauty of anatomical details. His artistic images provide an overview of several millimeters with micrometer resolution, contributing to the scientific understanding of structures such as the inner ear and the human brainstem. His material is used in teaching, and he reaches outside the academic world by sharing videos of the human 3D microcosmos, provoking curiosity and fascination.”

Csaba Adori, neurobiologist at the Department of Molecular Biosciences, Stockholm University, and affiliated to the Department of Neuroscience at Karolinska Institutet, receives the award for his outstanding work in 3D imaging of the body’s tissues.

His detailed images and 3D movies of tissues allow the viewer to take a visual journey through several of the body’s organs. This has significantly contributed to increasing our understanding of the structure of various organs and the development of disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, fatty liver disease (MAFLD), and cancer.